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OSUB mini kit By SMOK

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The NEW Smok mini kit has a magnetic door that is shaped like a “C” to hold the battery in its place. The top rounded corner is also your firing key. It doesn’t stick out like a regular button but conforms to the shape of your mod smoothly. There is no screen breaking up the uniformity of a Mini but additional room on the TC version provides just enough space for a very small, cleverly oriented screen.

It’s right out of the way in a top-face cover. Two tiny adjustment buttons are set directly below it, items not included on the Mini because it is controlled by the power of your battery and the resistance of your coil.

Battery Cover

That sleek door is covering a cell measuring 1200mAh or 1350mAh. The Mini, a really slender version of the OSUB, contains the smaller of these cells which is recharged internally using the USB charging port. To reach this part, merely remove the side cover. A cable is included.

Great pocket sized mod!

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