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There are five perks to this vaporizer that make it more unique and improved from the former Puffco Pro.

  1. Design and intelligence . Because the Puffco Plus depends on an all-ceramic atomizer, this means there are no glues involved. Moreover, no more exposed metals or wires are present to interfere with the flavors.
  2. Coil-less. The days of switching out your messy coils are long gone. Not to mention, no more spending countless hours on cleaning your device. Thanks to this coil-free vaporizer, cleaning will now be effortless, and the device will remain durable for the long haul.
  3. Sesh mode provides twelve seconds of continuous vaping. With an easy double-click of the button, you’ll be inhaling an optimal dose that this device provides.
  4. The dart, which hides inside the device. All you have to do is unscrew it, place your favorite concentrate onto the dart’s tip, and secure it back into place. Also, the dart reduces splash backs and can even work as a dabber.
  5. Three temp settings. With this in mind, you are in control of how you want to vape and in what mode you’d like to do so.

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