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Smoke Buddy Jr. Air Filter



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Smoke Buddy Jr. has given a new meaning to smoke filtration. Its new pocket size, super thin design allows you to conveniently carry a personalized smoke-filter with you at any time, so you can keep your smoke to yourself. Literally! Smoke Buddy Jr. allows 150 plus uses, meaning 150+ less exhaled smoke! The extremely light weight 1.2oz design provides the comfort of actually using the Smoke Buddy Jr. Instead of blowing your smoke in the air causing discomfort, major clouds of smoke and excessive odor; just blow the smoke through Smoke Buddy Jr. and witness the carbon filter hard at work by completely eliminating odor and clouds of smoke. Smoke Buddy Jr. is easy to clean and maintain, just use a damp cloth, or tissue paper to whip clean the inside. Furthermore, Smoke Buddy Jr. is environmentally safe.

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